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I’m tired of growing older I’m getting weaker everyday.
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So after being on this website for two years  I have finally reached 2K beautiful followers. Thank You so so so much!!!! So to celebrate I though I’ll do another follow forever. These are the people that make my dashboard so beautiful, so thank you. I love following all of you and I don’t see my self unfollowing you in a long time ( unless you become inactive then.. ) If you’re on this list again feel very honored because that means you’re one of my faves. But if you’re new to this list WELCOME!! You did it !! ha :) Love you all, thank you xox - alyssa 

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thanks bbe! ily ♥

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aye everyone lately i’ve been really appreciative of all my favorite blogs so i thought i would do my second follow forever!!


faves: thorwithamockingjaypin  bealrightss  diasies  yo-si-quiera-ser-tu-amor  dont-casters  fairlytommo  lawrencelloyd  itsonasci3nceapart  primadonnalloyd  chxrllxyd

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f-k: fallenforcher  fuckscolton  gemstles  hipstcher hipthrustshoran  ijicky  irwankers  juornals

l-r: laehays  lilttleshit  lloydbadbitch  lloydsgod  llydz  louislloyd  loydls  moonelson  nevillles  nialler  niaollhoran  okaycher  oklloyd  ohswaggers  playacher  pizza  ralndrops rawrcherbear  rockslloyd

s-z: sexy-nugget  shairlloyd  sharelloyd  staywithcher  s-t-i-c-k-s-t-o-n-e-s  spacekesha  stillintocher  stilloyd  targeryans  tealloyd  txfuck  ugly  withurlove  yinyangcher

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thanks again to everyone for following me and being hella rad ily all so much  (◡‿◡✿)

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Url meme by gemstles. To get your url edit you must:

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11 :) 

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